Gigabyte Brix: My Other Nemesis — Frequent Linux USB Disconnects

I purchased a Gigabyte Brix GB-BXBT-2807 a little over a month ago, before I knew about the Liva. I liked the idea of these little cheapish fanless computers. Compared to a Raspberry Pi, they are are about the same size, they use just a little bit more energy, but they are like a gazillion times faster. Some drawbacks? The user base is miniature. The manufacturers only really care if they work with Windows 8.1. I can be expensive if you don’t already have spare ram and a drive.

USB Problems?

I’m having some weird USB connection issues. Physical movement will cause disconnections, like a shock, tap, jiggle, give a dirty look. Is it the Brix USB ports? Is it my USB cables? Linux? I have no idea. I’ve tried a bunch of different cables and two types of hubs to help rule out the cables. They will all disconnect with a light jiggle: at the device to computer connection, hub to computer connection, and even device to hub connection. Device to hub disconnection? Maybe all of my cables are bad? With one of the hubs, if I just pick up the hub, it will cause all the devices to disconnect. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it happens with my Liva too. Then I hooked the hub up to my Mac and shook, tapped, and jiggled the poop out of it, I got no disconnection at all.

Could it actually be Linux? Then I found this. I don’t know if it’s related to my problem and haven’t been able to test it. I can’t figure out how to apply the patch! Also, it’s been about a year, maybe a fix has already been applied to the kernel. But I can’t confirm since I can’t find any reference to it on my google searches.

For now, I’ve ordered some new usb cables from another vendor, so we’ll see.

Update: The device to hub disconnection problem might have had to do with some kind of weird short possibly? The case of the hub is aluminum. When the hub rests on my DAC which is metal, it disconnects. I didn’t have the hub rest on anything metal when I hooked it up to the Mac which is probably why it didn’t disconnect when I shook the heck out of it. Unfortunately, I still get disconnects at the Brix/Liva port.


  1. As much as I must tinter, I hate tinkering. I just bought the BRIX – 2807. Things got working, within the first 12 hours. I have not built a bare bone computer up since the Windows 98 days. Stupid dumb luck I got it working. I mean it is pure luck.

    I down loaded all of the Win 7 drivers from Gigabyte, installed Windows 7 Upgrade (old purchase from a $900+ Windows Vista mistake), installed MS Flight Simulator 2000, and proved I had a $268 simulator.

    Worried Win 7 would kick me out after the trial period, I got on the YouTube and found a BRIX-Linux Mint video (I must say “the” YouTube to upset my adult daughters). Again pure luck. Got that OS working in the next 12 hours. Proved I can watch Hickok45 on The YouTube. So now I have a $268 web browsing machine.

    Victory for now, I’m going to give this projest a month, then it will join the other trophies in the garage. Thanks for the opprotunity to comment, and carry on Tinkering!

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