Headless Brix – Changing Resolution

Unlike the Liva, the Brix GB-BXBT-2807 will boot up in Mint without a monitor. The only hiccup I’ve run into is when I VNC into the Brix, it defaults to 800×600 screen resolution. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to change that in Cinnamon’s Display Preferences because there is no monitor to make the changes to.


But we can make the change outside of the Display preference.

First make a script folder.

sudo mkdir /etc/scripts

Create this script:

sudo nano /etc/scripts/vncres.sh

Copy and paste the following script.



if (xrandr | grep -q " connected"); then
  echo "Screen connected."
  xrandr --fb $RES

Make it executable.

sudo chmod +x /etc/scripts/vncres.sh

xrandr is what’s going to allow us to change the screen resolution. The rest of the script checks to see if a monitor is connected before changing the resolution.

Next go to Preferences > Startup Applications, and add your new script.

Start Up Applications



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